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Monday, 24 February 2014

Project Leadership: Steps Along the Way

Step 1: Building Capacity As The "Lead Learner"
  • Attending the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario Conference, Sept. 26-28, Glen Bernard Camp in Sundridge, Ontario.  Our activities included working with, observing and sharing resources with educational leaders in Science and Outdoor Education. These professionals represented diverse areas of the province. International keynote speakers shared wisdom about best practices in environmental education and stewardship.


Step 2: Collecting Resources, Building a Team and Setting Direction
  • "Inquiry involves the science, art, and spirit of curiosity. It can be further explained as the scientific process of active exploration by which we use critical, logical, and creative thinking skills to raise and engage in questions of personal interest.  Driven by our curiosity and wonder about observed phenomena...”   Douglas Llewellyn"

Is Just Being Outdoors Enough?
"Understanding the outdoors as a classroom means that the outdoors IS the content and not just a different place to do classroom learning."
-Annelies Groen, Instructional Leader/Science & Technology, TDSB
As Teachers and "Lead Learners" Working Together, We Can Better Understand:
  • The Role of Play/Outdoor Play
  • The Role of Inquiry
  • Science Inquiry Skills
  • Developing Inquiry Questions: The Role of the Teacher & The Role of The Learner


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